Aerostar Confidential Safety Report

Please use this form to report an incident, accident or any existing or potentially hazardous condition or behavior identified at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (the “Airport”) by the primary method of:

  • Complete the ACSR online

Other means of reporting can be the following:

  • Call OCC at (787)253-0979
  • Email completed ACSR form at:
  • Mailed the completed ACSR form to SMS Coordinator to: PO Box 380585, San Juan, PR 00937-1085



Aerostar Confidential Safety Report

Aerostar Confidential Safety Report

if other
if applicable
if applicable

(Please provide a detailed description of the event or hazard including specific location. (Use additional paper if needed.)
(Please provide any suggestions or recommendation to correct the issue or prevent recurrence.)

Reporter Information (Optional)


*Confidential Commitment

You may submit the form anonymously if you so choose/ If you do provide your name, it will only be used by the SMS Coordinator to enhance the understanding of the event with follow-up actions if applicable. To achieve the safest airport operations standards possible, and the success of the SJU SMS program, every employee is responsible for communicating information that may compromise the integrity of operations at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. It’s imperative that the Airport promote uninhibited reporting of all hazards, occurrences, incidents and accidents that affect safety of operations, employees or tenants. Our policy is that an employee can file a report without any fear of retribution, and his or her identity will be kept confidential to the extent permissible by law.


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